All GDC members perform activities that benefit the entity within a powerful business ecosystem.

the 25% of the total purchase

Pools & PoolPoints

For Standard, Premium and Premium Elite Members

All our memberships are made up of individuals (not companies) who participate in the profits generated by the Expansion Pool; which is, a common financial fund intended to be shared among the participants.

All participants of the City Director Program (CDP), i.e. Executive Directors and City Directors, worldwide, purchase products from different Business Units. The co-operative allocates 25% of all these purchases to the Expansion Pool.

Each Membership receives a share of that 25%: 2.5% for Standard, 7.5% for Premium and 15% for Premium Elite, percentages which are evenly distributed among the members.

The main requirement to access the Standard and Premium memberships Expansion Pool is to add a certain number of points, which are obtained by carrying out activities aimed at strengthening the co-operative and stimulating its expansion.

Another requirement is to present new free members (10 for Standard membership and 2 for Premium) within 90 days of registration. These requirements do not apply to Premium Elite Membership.




Each member can accumulate points, called Pool Points, which may be redeemed or exchanged at any time that they want.

The cumulative values shall be divided in proportion to the amount of Pool Points that each member holds.

There are four stipulated payments per year in four periods:

  • Period 1. January, February and March. Paid on April 15
  • Period 2. April, May and June. Paid on July 15th.
  • Period 3. July, August and September. Paid on October 15.
  • Period 4. October, November and December. Paid on January 15.
GDC Discount Club TM
GDC Investment Club TM
GDC Travel Club TM

Business Club

For Standard, Premium and Premium Elite Members

GDC Clubs provide all members with excellent savings and investment opportunities, with exclusive discount coupons for combined purchases, special tourism rates and micro-investment opportunities.

United and cooperatively, we access organized benefits that we classify into these three main divisions.

GDC Discount Club TM

One of everyone's favourite benefits! Because as a member of GDC, you access an exclusive digital platform where you can download online discounts and receive special promotions for combined purchases.

Enjoy much more reasonable prices and find in each offer a must-see opportunity.

GDC Investment Club TM

We have a team of professionals specialized in identifying investment opportunities.

With their advice, you will be able to make micro-investments jointly with other members, accessing unique business opportunities, which would generally require a massive flow of capital to participate as an individual.

GDC Travel Club TM

As a GDC member, you will have the opportunity to travel group trips with special rates, which offers numerous possibilities, including attending conferences and training with other members.

The high costs of transportation and accommodation are, avoided as we have tour providers who design group packages exclusive to GDC.

International Academy

For Standard, Premium and Premium Elite Members

The GDC International Academy is a space for our members, where we provide training, conferences, discounts to workshops, courses, seminars and events, both face-to-face and online.

Participating in the academy, you will receive free training, a constant update on the latest trends in the sector and exclusive discounts.

Moreover, the training has dual certification: Attendance diploma awarded by those responsible for the event and, a Certificate of participation, issued by GDC that guarantees your attendance.