Strategic Partners

We develop partnerships with other organizations to achieve collective benefits.

Our Allies

We present the companies that contribute all their capabilities to provide us with specific solutions in various areas.

At Global Digital Co-operative, we outsource much of the operational work, enabling us to reduce costs and have extensive knowledge and expertise in each area. Our first strategic partners are experts in legal, administrative and technological development information, with extensive experience and highly qualified teams to offer creative and cutting-edge solutions that generate optimal results.

GDC is perpetually in constant expansion. As our activities require it, more partners will join that will allow us to continue to grow.

Spectrum Advanced Markets, Inc

For 21 years, Spectrum Advanced Markets, Inc., located in Birmingham, USA, has provided high-level advisory, consulting and training services to commercial clients in both the United States and other countries.

Logic Gate Key Corporate Limited

LGK is a company that offers outsourcing of services for business development. Based in Hong Kong, it provides resources and expertise to make processes more flexible and accelerate business growth and expansion.

AmarillasInternet Corporation

AmarillasInternet Corporation is a limited liability company incorporated in (and subject to the laws of) the State of Florida, United States. It offers administrative services and manages all financial aspects of the co-operative.

EcomGlobal Co. Ltd (ECG)

e-Com Global Co. Ltd (ECG) is an official corporation of the Thai Intent Board (BOI), specializing in the development of high-tech software and products. It offers creative and cutting-edge solutions to business problems.

Spectrum Advanced Markets, Inc

Spectrum's areas of expertise include corporate governance, strategies, finance, franchises, cooperatives, public enterprises, contracts, negotiations, sales and marketing, allowing them to manage customer assets that exceed $200, 000, 000.

Spectrum President PhD, JD and Dr. Robert A. Needham is a renowned strategist, business administrator, and author of numerous works published in this field, including the book, Collaborative Commonwealth.

Logic Gate Key Corporate Limited

LGK's services are designed to deliver practical, cost-effective and low-risk solutions to companies looking for global business growth. They help organizations make their strategic challenges more flexible, with a long-term approach.

This company performs the local management of all the associated channels and essential accounts of the related companies, with a professional and timely orientation. Besides, it has a worldwide commercial team dedicated to the promotion of all products and services that require it.

AmarillasInternet Corporation

Since its inception in 2007, AmarillasInternet Corp has paid many millions of dollars daily in commissions without delay to date. It has extensive experience in this undertaking and the platform necessary to continue this delicate work.

Amarillas Internet Corp is responsible for the administration and commission payments to cooperative members.
Yellow Internet Corp is responsible for the administration and payment of commissions to the members of the cooperative.

EcomGlobal Co. Ltd (ECG)

ECG's research and development laboratory and high-tech innovation teams are headquartered in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

With more than 80 years of combined experience, it has a worldwide team of experts specialized in the development of software and new technological products, tools, systems and divisions of the co-operative.

Complete analysis of market needs Developing a product idea Presentation to the AiYellow community

How do we do it?

We are very proud to say that all of our projects were transformed into successful businesses. How did we do that? Easy, we have retained a skilled and powerful team that is, enthusiastic, committed and passionate: LISTEN, the ingenious and compelling skill has enabled them to correctly understand and interpret the wishes and needs of our public

All the products we sell are our in-house developments. The technology, functionality and design related to each one of them, is the result of multidisciplinary and collaborative work between the different divisions that is the company. This, allows us to grow and continue to create under, the concept of continuous improvement, which, will keep us at the forefront of the Internet Yellow Pages market.